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Fire Safety Design for Construction

With more and more of an emphasis on Fire Safety in the design and build of construction projects, why not develop your knowledge into this complex subject

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affordable prices

Attend a course designed and ran by experienced fire engineers which aims to deliver the fundamental key elements of fire safety design for construction projects


We promise to deliver a fire safety course which will when complete allow you to understand the intent of the recommendations of the guidance documents and approval process 


Our Courses will deliver an understanding of the recommendations of the guidance document during the design stages of the project.


The fundamental knowledge gained will allow the course attendee to develop their skills in providing unique designs with an inherent fire safety overview.


The fire safety knowledge gained will allow the attendee to not only mange expectations but also to consider how the building is managed after completion in relation to fire safety. 

Why B-First Fire Safety

B-First fire safety are uniquely placed to offer this training as each member of the team is an experienced fire safety engineer having undertaken and completed project all over the world. 

Each member of the team has worked on numerous design teams and delivered project which have gained approval in the UK to varies design documents including but not limited to:- Approved Document B, BS 9991 and BS 9999 etc.  

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